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King and Queen are the integral part of each other and inseparable, so without any iota of doubt, the year is going to bring all the peace, happiness and prosperity for you. According to the numerology, this is going to be a favourable year for you. So, you may start something new or may choose a new direction. You are likely to get success in your future plans.

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You might feel very creative and empowered. You will be praised at your workplace for your hard work and dedication. You will be blessed by your parents and they will support you as well. You will reap the rewards of what you have been focusing on from a very long time.

Libra Horoscope

Support of females from everywhere might be very beneficial for you. Your familial life might stay full of bliss.

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Children will do exceptionally well in their education and this might be one of the reasons of your happiness. This time you will feel enhanced peace of mind and spiritual thoughts. Gemini Money and Finances: Insufficiency of money will leave you in a worried state. You will find it difficult to save enough amount of money. Gemini Health:Chances of headache and throat pain may be possible.

It will be good to take care of your health. Cancer General: The day will require you be alert and focused on your goals to achieve progress. You need to be very systematic and practical in your approach. It will be good for you to avoid taking vital decisions. Cancer Career and Business: You may need to be very attentive while doing your work. This is most required to avoid errors. Cancer Love and Relationships: You may tend to utter careless words to your partner. To sustain harmony, you need to avoid such words and remain pleasant in conversation.

Cancer Money and Finances: There are chances for you to lose money due to negligence. You need to be very careful in handling your finances. Cancer Health:You need to take care of your teeth as there may be chances of teeth pain. You need to be careful in your diet. Leo General: The day will see you with optimism. You will possess a balanced frame of mind that will enable you to take good decisions. Leo Career and Business: You will be able to perform well due to your determined spirit.

You will receive the support from your superiors. Leo Love and Relationships: You will be able to show love and affection towards your partner. This will enable you to deepen the bonds with your partner. Leo Money and Finances: Money flow will yield satisfaction in you. There will be better scope for savings for the day. Leo Health: There will not be any health problems for the day. You will be seen fit for the day. Virgo General: The day will not favor expected results.

You need to keep your mind very clear to take the right decisions and this is most needed. You need to be careful while conversing with your near and dear ones to avoid bad results. Virgo Career and Business: You will find work atmosphere to be tough for the day. You will fail to get the due recognition for your performance.

This will cause worries in you. Virgo Love and Relationships: You are likely to have minor disputes with your partner. There will be chances of verbal duel with your partner owing to difference of opinion. Virgo Money and Finances: You will incur additional expenditure for the day. You will spend money towards house reconstruction and renovation. Virgo Health: You will suffer from back pain. You need to pay attention to your health. Observing prayers will help you find relief. Libra General: The day will see you with insecure feelings which you need to avoid.

You need to be more positive and feel optimistic. This is very much essential and this will keep you in a clear frame of mind. Libra Career and Business: You will face delays in your work due to disturbances seen at workplace.

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Your colleagues will cause such disturbances. You need to plan and concentrate better on your work.

Libra Moon Sign 12222 Yearly Horoscope Predictions

Libra Love and Relationships: You will tend to show your egoistic tendencies to your partner. This will widen the gap between you and your partner.

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  • You need to avoid such egoistic feelings and remain sportive. Libra Money and Finances: Money inflow will appear to be very limited. Other lucky colors for the native of this sign are shades of blue, light green and pink. Flowers associated with Libra are large roses, lilies, violets and all blue colors. In the human body, Libra is concerned with the kidney in particular and lumbar region in general.

    Domains of this sign include loins, ovaries and the substance of kidneys. Libra corresponds to distillation, sublimation, and filtration. Lumbar, vertebrae and just below the ribs bones are related to this sign. Arteries going to kidney and lower back are the domain of the sign.

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    Veins linked are those coming from kidneys and lower back. Positive Aspects of Libra: Libra native prefers to be modest and does not believe in throwing his weight around. Native can be held as a peacemaker. Native is cultured and much popular in groups but not initially. Libra born tends to be diplomatic, gentle, mild and calm in approach. He loves beauty not only as skin deep but something of deeper quality. Negative Aspect of Libra: Being indecisive is a major flaw of the native. The person is liable to be viewed argumentative and kind of frivolous by friends. This is mostly on account of weakness to deal with situation upfront.

    Libra natives prefer and try to maintain the status quo. Special Tips: The native needs to be firm in his opinion and act decisively to move ahead on road to success. Do not overdo act of balancing for good. Plan your career, business, love relationship, finance and health from the reports and prediction given for Personalised Horoscope. Our team is working restlessly to help the humanity with their knowledge of Vedic Astrology predictions and solutions.

    Libra Horoscope and Astrology.