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The most favourable planets were Jupiter and Venus, especially in connection with the Moon in the proper sign, degree etc. One very important factor, even recognized by the more conservative chaos magicians, is the course of the Moon. The Moon has to be direct, and magic performed during the Void of Course period VOC is futile, due to the total absence of form. Major aspects are conjunction, opposition, square, sextile and triangle. Additional: in basic money-magic the Moon should always be waxing. Today we can use additional astrological factors in both money astrology aka Picatrixian magic.

This because of the fusion astrology with the digital evolution and new data on newly discovered asteroids and other objects. Some important newcomers related to money are the following:. Act normal in every aspect of the ritual. The Illustrated Picatrix. Money-astrology and money magic the Picatrixian way can be combined with the classical chaos magical routine, or with the combination grimoires and amulet-sigil. The sigil for Bune is best prepared in white ink on black Elephant-dung paper special paper you can buy in a shop selling art supplies.

Then calculate the proper time for activation.

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Your personal horoscope should not be plagued by negative transits of planets, still lasting some weeks, and preferably, you should have good transits of Venus or Jupiter. When using asteroids in money astrology, calculate the minute and second exact moment for Bim or Cornucopia to conjunct the Ascendant.

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Not your own but the actual Ascendant of the moment. On that moment ask the spirit Bune for a specific amount of money within a specific time frame, and activate the sigil with a drop of blood or sexual fluid. Keep this sigil with you all the time and communicate to it as if it were a human being, and without liturgical bullshit.

In case of working with Bardonian genii, the sigils are drawn on the exact moment their genii-degree conjuncts the Ascendant. When the sigil is ready, one just askes for help. Many genii however will ignore the magician until the initiation of the Lord of Genii, Ashmunundai is contacted and his two highest servitors Aladiah and Kolorom. A genius is then summoned in the name of Ashmunundai, Kolorom and Aladia. One should explore some of the inns and outs of Adonism first.

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Petitions to the Angel of Jupiter are also used in money-magic. Mostly Sachiel is used. This is a strong indirect astrological based form of psychospheric magic, working with either a sigil or a written petition. Many Jupiter-sigils can be found in many grimoires.

These sigils may work because of a thought form attached to it, programmed unconsciously with the specific task of bringing money or an increased income. What if you are broke and lack a background of magical and astrological expertise and skills? Well the simplest way of money magic and without the spooky stuff is basic chaos magic.

Write down on a piece of paper in capitals, for example:. Instead of using a paper sigil, you may also use the sound HYRO; however a sound is often more difficult to forget than a sigil. The procedure is the same. De vormgeving is geheel afgestemd op praktisch gebruik en het snel kunnen raadplegen van de informatie. Voorvertoning en meer over dit boek hier….

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Using advanced tools it is possible to see more than one dimension of the solar system and examine the intricate relationships between the planets. Magi Bette studies and uses Magi Astrology techniques developed by the Magi Society, which is the fastest growing form of astrology on this planet. Using meticulous research the Magi Society has made awesome discoveries about the meanings of planetary alignments and ways to maximize the usefulness of sacred geometry.

The Magi Society brought declinations out of the closet so that every astrologer could use them in chart analysis. The Magi Society discovered the importance and real meaning of Chiron in both the natal chart and as a transiting planet. The Magi Society offers some of the best financial astrology research software in the world.

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Thier discovery of Super Fibonacci levels offers insights that help stock traders view much more than standard Fibonacci levels. More information about the Magi Society. With Magi Bette's help you can plan ahead to choose the best timing to find love or a job Cinderella Times launch a business, open a bank account, Golden Times , choose a life partner, or get married. Strategize to make your business thrive.